Non-Traditional Holiday Foods

Every year it seems like the same ol’, same ol’ in terms of food around the holidays- ham, pumpkin pie, latkes. This year, however, I’m daring to dream different. Hopefully, my family is okay with my big ambition. With the number of options I have, though, I should be able to please SOMEONE at the dinner table!

My first idea for the not-so traditional Holiday food is a big plate of lasagna. Being a casserole, it’s super wintery AND festive looking with the mix of green spinach and red meat sauce. Just add cheese and pasta and WHAM you’ve got yourself a holiday main course. If even the traditional lasagna is too boring, try Giada’s Butternut Squash Lasagna , adding a whole layer of wintery-ness that may be lacking from the traditional lasagna recipe!

Another non-traditional holiday food is the enchilada. Baked similar to a casserole and also very festive looking, enchiladas can fit in naturally with other more traditional holiday foods. Plus, they come in so many variations: beef, chicken, roasted vegetable, Enchiladas Suizas …you can pretty much fill them with whatever you want and they’ll taste delish!

That brings me to something super delicious (in my opinion) which could prove to be very popular at the holiday table: Peking duck. Just like in “A Christmas Story” when Ralphie’s family is forced to eat Chinese food after a Christmas dinner disaster, this makes a surprisingly scrumptious holiday dinner addition! After all, I’m sure we could all use a break from left over turkey sandwiches and chicken dinners.

So, don’t be scared to think outside the box this year in terms of gifts AND food. Your guests might be extremely grateful for the non-traditional stuff you bring to the party!